Our Bees

Our beehives are the heart of our business, they provide us with a living and in return we provide them with a home and year round care and attention.

We endeavour to run our hives in a way that allows the bees to live how they naturally would. One of the biggest differences with the way we run our hives is that we leave the bees with around 30KG of their own honey for the winter, many take this in pursuit of extra profit but we have noticed our hives are stronger and healthier in the spring and therefore are able to gather more when the flowers bloom. 


As a sideline to producing honey we also rear Queen bees for local beekeepers  They are available when the hives are active and drone bees are about in spring from September-November and in Autumn from January to early March.

Our queens are naturally open mated in four frame, full depth hives. They are NZ Italian queens with good honey gathering genes. Mated queens are $50+GST (+postage)

We also produce 9-10 day old queen cells ready for pickup. Queen cells are $6+GST