Authentic New Zealand Mānuka Honey

Mānuka Honey

We feel hugely privileged to share this taonga (treasured possession) which our bees and the New Zealand natural environment provide us.

We source our Manuka Honey from some of the most remote wildernesses in our region- the lower North island of New Zealand. Our bees forage Mānuka honey from Mānuka bushes or leptospermum scoparium over a short window of 4-8 weeks in early summer December-January each year.

Honey is a great carbohydrate source and Mānuka honey is extra well known for its antibacterial properties mainly from the naturally occurring compound Methylglyoxal or MGO as seen on our labels. Mānuka has a strong earthy taste with some caramel notes.

The stronger grades of Mānuka also have an almost bitter flavour due to the higher MGO potency. Mānuka should usually have an amber colour but do not be surprised if this or the flavour varies slightly as this commonly occurs naturally.

All our Mānuka honey is:
- Unpasteurised (Raw)
- traceable back to the area it was produced
- Sustainably produced
- Independently lab tested to validate MGO content
- 100% Premium Quality, Pure New Zealand Honey

Mānuka Honey uses
-We apply Manuka honey to burns/cuts to aid healing (recommended at least MGO 514+ )
- During recovery from cold/flu
- Toast/cereal
- Smoothies
- In baking or cooking (especially on meat)





Mānuka Honey Production

An exciting part of our business is the production of New Zealand's native Mānuka Honey. We take our hives into backcountry New Zealand every summer for the short window of opportunity when the Mānuka bushes flower.

Mānuka quickly regenerates on areas of New Zealand which had previously been cleared of bush allowing production of premium Mānuka Honey, sequestering carbon and allowing for regeneration of native bush.

-If you have Mānuka growing on your bush block or lifestyle farm and would like to discuss the potential, we offer competitive rates for Mānuka blocks. Contact us 

Matthew - 0278640705
Daniel - 0272090535


-Our bees don't just live on Mānuka however- We place hives across the wider Manawatu helping with clover pollination and we provide honey for our farmers at least twice a year.

If you would like hives on your property please get in touch as we are often looking for new spots for our bees.